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AGEMO的理念是把天然手工產品以大眾化的價格出售,讓不同經濟層都可享受到。產品不含任何人造色素、香料、防腐劑或添加劑,避免有害化學物質對皮膚造成傷害。許多濕疹患者改用我們產品後,症狀得到明顯緩解。除了潔膚產品中的手工皂和防敏沐浴露,我們還有天然護膚品,例如潤唇膏、護手霜、潤膚油、面部精華油、嬰兒霜和濕疹霜。更有洗面油、香水、蚊怕水和酒精搓手液,甚至DIY手工皂入門套裝! AGEMO產品均採用世界各地的高檔材料製成。顧客對我們給予積極評價,團隊曾製作企業紀念、宗教受洗、個人聚會和季節性的獨特禮物。最暢銷的馬卡龍皂現已售超過10,000件! AGEMO已與一些非政府組織合作,允許被忽視的群體以折扣價購買產品。除了恆常手工皂製作坊、催眠減壓工作坊外,我們還為低收入家庭舉辦工作坊製作手工皂產品,並把銷售後的利潤歸給他們,以減輕財務壓力。 我們自行製作廣告及教育視頻,目的是縮減成本直接回饋,讓每位客戶從中受益!請支持及廣傳! AGEMO is a handmade product line established in 2016. We originally began with a concept that natural and handmade products should be sold at an affordable price that most of the public and different social economic classes can enjoy its benefits. We started with hand making soaps, aiming to choose our own ingredients and to eliminate unnecessary harmful chemicals done on our skin everyday while bathing. Then not only do we hand make skin cleansing products - such as solid and liquid soap for body, hand, and face - we also expanded to create handmade and natural skin nourishing products - such as lip balm, hand cream, body cream, salve cream, baby cream, and eczema cream. Our product line continues to grow and we now cover a wide spectrum ranging from cleansing oil for face, to MAR oil and mask for hair, to disinfecting sanitizers for hand, and even a DIY soap making kit for beginners that is suitable for children to create their own soap! All of AGEMO products are handmade, original, natural, and environmentally friendly. Our products do not contain any artificial colour and flavour, preservatives nor additives. Many of our customers who have eczema kindly reported to us that their symptoms have relieved significantly after switching to our products, especially using our eczema specialized soap and cream. All AGEMO products are made with top-grade ingredients purchased from all around the world, in places like France, Canada, United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. We then carefully packaged them by hand. Many of our customers gave positive feedbacks of our outstanding customer service and product development team for creating unique gifts that are specially designated to their events. We have custom-made corporate anniversary gifts, religious baptism gifts, personal birthday party gifts, holiday and seasonal gifts. Our top selling gift is our macaroon soap - sold more than 8000 pieces already! AGEMO has launched a few programs to help social minority groups. We have collaborated with some non-government-organisations to allow minority groups to purchase our products at discounted rates. Besides our regular workshops on soap making, gifts making, hypnotherapy, and stress relief, we also host workshops for minorities to create soap products, and return them with their profit after their soaps are sold, hoping to relieve their financial stress. One of our main morals is “do not overprice”. To reduce expenses as much as possible, our staff are multitalented. We create our own advertising materials; we produce our own education videos; we hand make our own products. Most importantly, the reduced expenses goes directly to our customers that they can enjoy using natural and handmade products at affordable costs. With a wide variety of products, at a reasonably low cost, we hope each and every customer can be benefited from using natural products! Please support! Please spread!
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